TRIVALENT | St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church
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Project Name

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church


Ankeny, IA

Completion Date

Summer 2015


Complete Lighting Solutions

About This Project

A naturally illuminated space allowed for this congregation to reduce their energy budget and welcome the entrance of nature into this large volume environment. The decorative lighting pendants were selected to be as minimal in both scale and appearance as possible. Surface mounted track lighting was incorporated into the slat design and spacing of the ceiling in order to increase lighting levels at the pews when daylight wasn’t present. This dual-layered lighting system also allowed for varying lighting levels and looks to fit the various ministries and liturgical holidays throughout the year. Additional track lighting was used to enhance and brighten the altar platform area to help bring focus to the front of the church. This room is slated to become a multi-purpose space once the larger, permanent worship space is completed so the lighting had to fit the functional needs of the church as it continues to grow. The lighting control system was simple- but still allows for varying lighting levels and “looks” to suit the wide variety of needs for this space between the church and school functions.