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Trivalent believes effective lighting design is only successful
with a balanced blend of art, technology, and science.

Trivalent Lighting Designers strive to create a better visual experience for anyone that visits, works in or lives in the environments that benefit from our expertise and passion.


Our passion is to enhance the architectural environment- by looking at the complete
3-dimensional space and knowing the end user we are designing for.


Foot-candles and watts per-square-foot are only tools to validate
codes – not influence creative thought.


We believe that effective lighting design is only successful when the art, science, visual environment and current technologies are all blended cohesively for a great finished product.


Trivalent Lighting Design is an award-winning studio.

Trivalent’s designers have over 40 years of combined expertise and project experience – making them the most experienced Iowa based Lighting Consultant and among the top in the Midwest. Projects designed by TLS lighting designers have originated with multiple different owners and architecture firms, and have resulted in numerous local, regional, national and international design awards. With all of the accolades however, our primary goal is a happy client that gets to experience their project for many years to come.

The Trivalent Team

Trivalent boasts a team of outstanding lighting designers.

Diverse backgrounds in theatrical design, interior design, and architecture allow Trivalent to
better understand the various project types that we work on every day. With this diverse
background, our collaborative and integrated design process results in lighting designs that
don’t stand out or compete with the other design elements on the project.

David Raver

President and Lighting Studio Director

Courtney Francis

Lighting Designer

Chris Wojtal

Project Lighting Designer


Offering a variety of services tailored to your project.

Whether focused on safety, enhancing comfort, improving aesthetics or any other goal, Trivalent can engineer a lighting system that has the desired effect using the most cost-effective means.

Would you like to visit Trivalent?

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