“To enrich the perception of interior and exterior spaces with illumination that merges the art and science of lighting design, we provide considered solutions with a focus on enhancing the human experience.”



A graduate of The Catholic University of America’s School of Architecture, Chris started his career in architecture studios learning detailing and design on a wide range of project types. Early in his career he transitioned into lighting design and has spent nearly 10 years working for lighting consultants and lighting manufacturers on the East coast. He and his wife relocated to Iowa in 2013 and he began working for a local lighting rep agency before getting back into design community full-time. His experiences blend a talent for detailing, well-honed architectural design skills, and a keen consideration for budgeting into a comprehensive package that allows Chris to communicate fluently with architects, engineers and contractors to help them realize the full potential of their designs through lighting.


Offering a variety of services tailored to your project.

Whether focused on safety, enhancing comfort, improving aesthetics or any other goal, Trivalent can engineer a lighting system that has the desired effect using the most cost-effective means.

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