Using state of the art research and industry recognized standards, Trivalent will create a standards document for your campus, corporate headquarters or organization that will provide any future consultants with a basis for selecting and placing lighting systems.  Whether you have an immediate project or are planning for the future, having a standard in place is critical to the success and maintainability of the lighting systems specified for your project.


Although utility companies can perform energy audits, Trivalent can review the quality and quantity of light at your facility to assist the decisions regarding what needs updating and improving for a changing work and living environment.  Best practice and industry standard recommendation lighting levels, lighting color, etc. are changing quickly and no retrofit should just be a one-for-one replacement without review of the lighting quality in the space as well.


Trivalent designers are specialists in current lighting software packages including AGI and ElumTools.  By using the manufacturer’s photometric data, Trivalent confidently acknowledges that our computer calculations will be accurate representations of the real lighting installed in the end product.


We realize that mechanical rooms, corridors and even parking lots aren’t always the most exciting or creative projects to work on.  However, by having Trivalent’s scope include all of these areas on a project, you can be assured that the lighting “package” will be well thought out and foster a competitive bid process for the contractor, as well as minimizing pieces and components for the facilities staff to maintain in the future.


Sometimes a special area of a project warrants extra attention – whether its lighting a multi-million-dollar sculpture, the primary donor wall, or designing a custom fixture for a historic church, we know how to approach these challenges and find the right solution.


We maintain strong working relationships with contractors, distributors and sales reps across the country.  Many will rely on Trivalent for assisting in designing and selecting products as part of a design-build or GMP project to ensure that the client is getting a good design as well as meeting their budget requirements.


  • Develop lighting concepts
  • Integration of electric lighting and controls with daylighting systems
  • Energy analysis and compliance
  • Computerized lighting studies and renderings
  • Lighting layout drawings, details, schedules and specifications
  • Custom fixture design
  • On-site lighting level verification and analysis of existing facilities
  • Complete REVIT design
  • Budgeting, cost comparisons, and payback analysis
  • Mock-ups, testing and tabletop manufacturer comparisons
  • Fixture mounting details and coordination across all disciplines
  • Lighting controls – system design and integration
  • On-site observation of aiming, placement, and adjustment of fixtures
  • Roadway and Specialty Area Light System